Our Vision

WebRobot ltd wants to become a complete ETL service involving data extraction, web mining, machine learning and big data analytics

The ongoing process of technological convergence will profoundly change our socio-economic environment. We want to be protagonists of this technological revolution to help our customers to enjoy positively all the opportunities that only exponential thinking can grasp. We believe in financial freedom and we want to work so that all our stackeholders can reach it. Technologies are an opportunity and not a threat. Everything that is not ordinary and at the border is a source of creative excitement for us. We want to be your guide for a future to embrace with serenity.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the leader in the web-scraping and web-mining sector, drawing on the most innovative technologies to provide, at all times, a quality service and, at the same time, at competitive prices. We want to be in close contact with the academic reality so that the latest research findings can be converted into value. We believe that remote working is the future whose board members may also be aligned. In a logic of continuous learning and continuous innovation we will tackle our growth path until we reach our goals. We believe that the relationship is the foundation of every productive business relationship and on the basis of this assumption we will align all our public relations activities. WE WANT TO BECOME A HUB, a reference point for web scraping specialists (ie all small operators). We want to get a summary of the best features of our competitors, from visual tools to the AI-induced automatisms, while not neglecting the needs of the experts who want to maximize control over their logical flow. Some of these operators are rather dated which implies that they probably didn't follow the latest technological trends. With WebRobot we will fill this gap.