We are organizing our first equity shares

WebRobot Ltd is a company based in London, active in the field of web-scraping and web-mining of which it aims to become a leader.
What we are building is a super scalable infrastructure for data acquisition from web sources exploiting cloud and big-data technologies, as well as data-extraction and information extraction algorithms that can be used as web services.
Webrobot Ltd, in order to support the early stages of company growth, opened its share capital to professional and institutional investors.
The pre-money valuation is € 3,000,000.
If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact our Investor Relator Manager.

Our elevator pitch

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Our growth forecasts

We are very optimistic about developments in this market that is estimated at only 2 billion in 2020. Our minimum goal in the medium term will be to win 1% of this market.