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We offer on-demand web data extraction services using both traditional approaches and our stack as part of our future SaaS service.

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Custom data extraction services with traditional frameworks

Custom Data Extraction With Traditional Frameworks

We use the most varied traditional frameworks to develop customized solutions for you when your needs do not require the use of big-data processing. The price will depend on the number and complexity of the wrappers to be made and the number of pages / items acquired. We will not deliver the source codes but only the data you need

  1. Setup cost: 450 Eur for scraper
  2. Maintenance cost: 250 Eur for month for scraper
  3. Processing cost: 0.002 Eur for page
  4. No minimum order
Massive web scraping services on dedicated spark clusters

Massive Scraping on Dedicated Spark Clusters

We offer dedicated acquisition solutions drawing on our main spark stack. Pending the release of the platform we will take care of the setup and data processing phase. The price is functional to the complexity of the wrappers and the number of pages processed

  1. Setup cost: 350 Eur for scraper
  2. Maintenance cost: 200 Eur for month for scraper
  3. Processing cost: 0.0008 Eur for page
  4. Minimum order: 1000000 pages for month
Web data mining and big data analytics on-demand services

Web Mining & Big-Data Analytics on Demand

We offer dedicated data analytic solutions having as main focus apache spark. We will deliver the refined data you need, taking care of the implementation and processing part

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