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AI & Big-Data Consulting in Africa
Smart City, IoT, and Deep Learning

Africa Projects

WebRobot partnered with the Mistahou Financial Group to bring innovation and improvement to the African territories and ecosystems.

Renaissance City

Smart cities are modern tech urban areas where electronic and sensor devices (IoT) collect and elaborate specific data in real time to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently (and let citizens live their best life).

Renaissance City will be the first-of-a-kind smart city in the heart of Africa. The city is located in the Central African Republic (CAR) and will create new business and community opportunities.

WebRobot is the official AI and Big-Data consulting company in this big project. WebRobot will contribute to the design of a sustainable, innovative, technological, and economic hub. The project, in partnership with the Mistahou Financial Group, will help make Renaissance City the leader in smart city development in Africa.

renaissance city heart of Africa
Renaissance City Data Project

Ministry of Communication and Media Residency: Building Construction

The construction project of 500 accommodations for the Ministry of Communication and Media Officials in partnership with Mistahou Financial Group Ltd.

Memorandum of Understanding for "Renaissance City - The Heart of Africa"

WebRobot collaborates with the Mistahou Financial Group to significantly contribute to the overall success and impact of the project.

Webrobot is solely responsible for creating, developing, and implementing High Technology Models: advanced and innovative technological designs, applications, systems or solutions for the “Renaissance City – The Heart of Africa” project.

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