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Our Mission: a Path to Becoming a Complete ETL
Web Scraping & Big-Data Analytics Hub
WebRobot Mission-Vision

WebRobot wants to become the hub, the reference point for all web scraping and data analytics specialists drawing on the most innovative technologies to provide, at all times, an affordable and high-quality big-data service.

Our goal is to become a complete ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) service based on cloud computing and big data, involving data extraction, web mining, machine learning, and big-data analytics.

In the future, we see WebRobot in the centre of the data supply chain, with the most powerful extraction engine, a comprehensive ETL system to get and deliver data from and to the Web, IoT, Drones, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities, and any other devices. Our purpose is to provide the right tools to improve business and life in the most efficient and scalable way.

WebRobot aims at creating a better future through technology. Discover our vision.

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