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ADVANCED - 500K Records, 3 Sites, 1-Year All-Incluse Managed Web Scraping

ADVANCED - 500K Records, 3 Sites, 1-Year All-Incluse Managed Web Scraping
ADVANCED - 500K Records, 3 Sites, 1-Year All-Incluse Managed Web Scraping

Collect only relevant and up-to-date data. Do data extraction only when you need to increase your sales and profit. Avoid wasting time and money. Keep focused on your core business and let our web scraping experts set up, execute, and maintain the data collection process over one year.

Set your datasets extraction frequency to meet your needs and extract data from the web until you reach your 500,000 records limit within one year.

Our fully-managed web scraping ADVANCED plan includes:

  • 500,000 records* to extract automatically over one year
  • 3 websites as the data sources
  • Daily, weekly or monthly extraction frequency 
  • Setup cost (for analysis and extraction script design)
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Static and dynamic pages
  • High-performance Spark-based big-data extraction engine
  • GDPR- compliance (or similar data privacy regulations).

After your purchase, tell us the data extraction specification and we will start the project.


Step 1: you give us the data extraction variables:

  • Website URLs (3x)
  • Type of data to extract
  • Records data points/elements (such as name, code, price, quantity, rate, etc.)
  • Extraction frequency (daily/weekly/monthly).

Step 2: We analyse your requirements, data source, and estimated total nr. of records available for your project

Step 3: We design the web scraping script for automatic data extraction

Step 4: We send you a sample for your approval

Step 5: We start the data extraction with the frequency you've chosen

Step 6: We deliver the data sets after each data extraction scheduled

Step 7: The extraction project ends when you reach 500,000 records extracted or 12 months*

Duration examples:

  • If you need to extract 10,000 records from the three websites (in total) and you choose the daily extraction frequency, the project will end in 50 days (500,000/10,000).
  • If you need to extract 25,000 records from the three websites (in total) and you choose the weekly extraction frequency, the project will end in 20 weeks (500,000/25,000).
  • If you need to extract 40,000 records from the three websites (in total) and you choose the monthly extraction frequency, the project will end in 12 months (500,000/40,000).

*1 record is one row of data relating to a single item and composed of one or more elements/data points such as 'name', 'price', 'description', etc.

Note: If, after our analysis, we verify the website URL you gave us is inaccessible or can't be scraped due to technical reasons such as a block not removable with the state-of-the-art technology, or not allowed by law or the website terms or because you don't have the right or written permission (if required) to access the website content, you can use your remaining records to scrape other websites.
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