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Big-data web scraping and analytics with immersive experience at your fingertips. Scalable services to design, run, and sell advanced big-data solutions for everyone. Earn with big data in a democratic platform and multi-vendor marketplace.

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Get and read news, updates, tips, resources, and opportunities in the big-data industry, web scraping, data mining, and business analytics.

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Learn how to use WebRobot’s features and services: web scraping platform, our app, developing on our stack, buy and sell on our markeplace.

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Your gateway to the data. Use our APIs and SDKs to design your own apps that use our powerful data extraction engine and start to get profit.

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Our Mission

WebRobot aims to become the main global hub for all web scraping specialists and data entrepreneurs by providing the most scalable and accessible high-quality big-data scraping, mining and analytics services.

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We see technology as the ultimate opportunity to “scale” people’s life and success. We’re working to give happiness and financial freedom to all our stakeholders through innovation and a win-win business model.