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about us
Our mission, vision, and technology
Global Data Network
WebRobot Space Shuttle
Webrobot Big-Data Intelligence
unleash the big-data potentials

Our goal is to become the point of reference for all the web scraping and data analytics specialists: a global data hub to offer an immersive experience in the data universe. We draw on the most innovative technologies to always provide an affordable yet high-quality big-data service.

We think WebRobot as a complete ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) service based on Google cloud computing and big data.

We aim at building the most accessible, scalable, and performing big-data service platform that provides you with the most advanced data extraction, web mining, machine learning, and big-data analytics tools.

We are on the path to turning WebRobot into the centre of the data supply chain through elastic and scalable data solutions.

Extraction Engine

The most powerful data extraction infrastructure.

Comprehensive ETL System

Extract, transform, load, and analyse all kinds of data.

All Data Sources

Web, IoT, smart cities, manufacturing, metaverse.

Tools for everyone

No-code, low-code, advanced, and automatic visual app.

Extended financial freedom

We will contribute to making technology a disrupting opportunity for all humans, businesses, and their social-economic status. We want to make you part of the upcoming data-driven revolution that will change our lives forever.

We want to make all our stakeholders part of an innovative growing ecosystem. We dream giving everybody financial freedom through data technologies.

Electronic brain future
WebRobot data stackeholders shareholders
financial freedom through technology
B2B2X Approach

Everyone is involved and can take a piece of the cake

Profit share scheme

Let’s win together to reach global success

Blockchain and crypto

Making big-data democratic and massively growing

VR, 3D, and Metaverse

Max engagement through immersive experience

Face designed by starline, blockchain city designed by upklyak | Freepik

Scalable, Extendable, Franchisable

A multi-role plaform to manage all stakeholders.

Innovative tech projects backed by a big-data fund.

An eWeb ETL core to provide a Universal Data Service. Users and partners can extend our data platform to countless vertical applications using plugins, Rest API, general-purpose Spark jobs, and multimodal GPT-4 generative technology.

The Upcoming Future
Universal programmable data service
Proprietary scraping language
Shared plugins developped by Taiwan University and partners
Private plugins developed by users and vertical markets
Dashboard | No-code browser extension | Custom automatic agents
Guaranteed persistence

Through data analytic tools (AWS Athena) & NoSQL databases (DynamoDB)

Excellent speed

By using Spark and headless browser technology (PhantomJS, Chromium)

Max user adoption

Through the use of user-friendly no-code visual support tools on Node.Js

Data assets growing value

By turning all data products into tokenized assets

We are building awesome things

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