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The Roadmap to Success

We are on track to disrupt the market with a unique big-data web scraping platform to make the supply chain easier, scalable, more profitable for any stakeholder, both users, clients, vendors, and investors. WebRobot platform will be more than a data extraction service. WebRobot will be a tool to master all data: find, collect, organise, deliver, integrate, analyse, and exploit to give the maximum competitive advantage to any business user.

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Managed Big-Data Web Scraping​

Big-data extraction service fully managed by our experts (data scientists and developers). We make things as easier as possible, based on your specifications, including initial setup, monthly maintenance, and periodical data delivery. Follow the progress and get your datasets from your personal dashboard.

Listing on Third-Party Data Marketplaces

WebRobot is a data provider on Snowflake and is preparing the data sets for on-demand requests on its marketplace. We aim at becoming Snowflake technical partner with deeper integration through our self-service tool.

We will also list on other marketplaces in line with our goals and technology on the European market.

Self-Service Big-Data Scraping LITE

Big-Data Web Scraping Platform with deterministic extraction, subscription plans, App for assisted extraction design, SDKs, and APIs to build & integrate third-party/custom software.

We will also list our API on the RapidAPI marketplace.

Self-Service Big-Data Scraping FULL

The big-data web scraping SaaS with automatic extraction algorithms and all the other features of the lite version…all powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IDO with Governance Token

DEX-agnostic tokenization protocol, on the top of IOTA/Shimmer, of our data assets also for stacking opportunities. We will release our DAO and token on the Soonaverse decentralised platform.


No-Code Immersive Analytics + ETL Platform

A complete big-data ETL system to extract, organize, transform, deliver, and analyse all data from and to web sources and external devices (Internet, IoT, Drones, Smart Manufacturing, etc.).

Market Size and Trends

Web Scraping

CAGR: 43.3% | Annual Rev. by 2030: $63 B

Big-Data Analytics

CAGR: 25% | Annual Rev. by 2030: $684 B

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