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Big-Data Web Scraping At Your Fingertip
Scalable data extraction service made easy
Scalable extendable web scraping and data ETL platform and vertical apps

Big data gives you the power to control the market and reach success.

When you say WebRobot, you say Elastic Scalable Data Extraction Service with Data Mining and Analytics in Mind and the First B2B2X Decentralised Data Marketplace.

But there are billions of unstructured or semi-structured data on the Internet and they are growing. Therefore, high-quality data collection is getting more and more expensive, time-consuming, and hard. WebRobot gives you the tools to make the process easier and more profitable.

WebRobot offers big-data web scraping services powered by cloud computing, Spark technology, machine learning, and reinforcement learning.

Our cloud data scraping tool and solution natively integrate with data mining and analytics, guarantee unprecedented performance and adopt a new business approach.

We are making our extraction engine stronger and more user-friendly. Instant access to big data is finally getting easier, more democratic, and more profitable for every single person in the world.

Stay Tuned for the next upcoming upgrades and news. Meanwhile, visit our beta website and explore our first big-data extraction services. New features are coming with a no-code self-service web scraping platform featuring a visual tool, browser extension, vertical apps, and an extendable data service to implement custom data solutions on top of our data extraction engine.

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We believe that big-data in the future will represent the beating heart of all decision-making processes, in a scenario in which with smart cities and smart manufactorings, everything will be driven by machine learning

Almost ready to go. Stay tuned in 2022

[…] its nature, real-time travel data is massive and changes continuously. Therefore, only advanced big-data data scraping, mining, and analysis can help you effectively. So, look for the data solution that best fits your […]

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