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Managed Data Extraction Service

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Managed big-data web scraping service

We’re finalizing our managed big-data scraping service. You don’t need any technical skill or to hire new employees: just tell us your objectives and we will take care of everything. The service is modular and designed to let you buy and pay only for what you really need.

  • Collect data you don’t have access to yet.
  • Save time and money the manual or traditional data collection activities require.
  • Extract up to 300,000 web pages per hour automatically.
  • Scrape up to 30 websites (but you can purchase additional website/scraper packages).
  • Collect up to one million data records per month (but you can purchase additional records packages).
  • Start unlimited extraction projects.
  • Extract data from unlimited URLs/web pages (within the number of website you purchased).
  • Scrape both static and dynamic pages.
  • Scale up as you grow: buy additional records and websites (scrapers) at any time.
  • Buy one-time or monthly subscription plans.
  • No obligation and min contract duration: cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Get GDPR-compliant datasets.
  • Receive your datasets daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.
  • Get access to a multitude of information simultaneously.
  • Use new data to expand your business more quickly.
  • Define a custom acquisition strategy and implement it with the help of our data experts.

Our managed data acquisition solution works on the Apache Spark infrastructure we designed for big-data extraction. This same infrastructure will power the upcoming flagship self-service web scraping tool optimised to make things even more powerful and performing (stay tuned, we’ll talk about it soon).

The data extraction engine is designed to be flexible and versatile. In fact, it can find and collect data for many use cases. You’ll discover them on our upcoming corporate website.

We also offer consultancy and development services for on-demand dedicated verticalization for your specific use case.

What kind of information do you need?

Discover our business solutions and scraping plans.

We always look for new experts to join our expanding team and serve more and more clients and verticals. We’ll teach you our productivity tools and dedicated definition language to know how to collect both static, dynamic, small and big data.

We’re working on creating turnkey data extraction vertical solutions for specific businesses and industries.

Are you a developer or data expert?

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