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October Activity: Managed Service Dashboard

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WebRobot App Preview - Extraction Bots

In this new post, I update you on the current status of the project and the developments currently underway.

While we await the official entry of our investor/partner who will help us conquer the African market, we are working on our e-commerce platform and on our main site.

Users who purchase our managed subscriptions will have a dashboard in their private section that will allow them to monitor the status of their subscription and the processing status of the acquisition projects commissioned.

We will equip this platform with an adequate ticket management system to meet the main requests for this service delivery method, even if more traditional communication methods will obviously be allowed.

The main target will obviously be the non-technical user.

After signing up for the subscription, the requirements can be collected and your acquisition projects carried out by us.

Also from our dashboard, you can easily download the dataset periodically acquired according to your needs as shown in the following image/screenshot.

Managed Service User DashboardThe standard acquisition service can obviously be integrated with specific requests for the implementation of data analytic levels. Anyway, our main goal is to integrate a complete ETL and data analytics engine directly into our Web Service so that the marketplace paradigm is extended to the whole big-data supply chain.

In a world that seems to increasingly converge towards new restrictions induced by the ongoing pandemic, it is essential to review your business models, and the way you organize us, work, plan for the future and generate value.

We are here to show you the way towards a future in which technologies are the heart of a process of dehumanisation of work but at the same time the prerequisite for one’s financial freedom.

The next updates will concern our marketplace, the heart of this new approach to business and work.

Until next time.

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